Leiden 10-12-2017

Good friends of the foundation Nepal Sammaan,

Good news from Nepal. The construction of the fourth kindergarten classroom is in full swing. Maybe you can still remember the photo of about 20 children crammed together in a space of about two by three meters? The community itself has saved years to buy land to build a real kindergarten. Now they can follow the developments of the construction on a daily basis.

It took a long time before the construction could begin. Because of the heavy rainfall that plagued Nepal in the late summer, building was impossible. Then in October the great religious holiday month. And the attached photos show that the work has continued over the past month.

I therefore expect to be able to open this new building in March or April.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success.

We wish all good end of year celebrations and a good and prosperous 2018.


Annette Donker

Leiden 21-3-2017

Good friends of the Nepal Sammaan Foundation,

It has been a month since I returned from a stay in Nepal, of which one week in the Terai, Kapilvastu. Time to inform you all about my experience.

There was a warm welcome in the village of Banskhor, where the Janki locale was built according to the usual and official sizes of approximately 6 meters by 7 meters, with toilet and water pump. As we are slowly growing to expect, the school is beautifully painted inside and out; it's very pleasing to the eye.

The opening of a school is always a celebration. Everybody is wearing their most beautiful clothes. Everyone gets a small cup of fresh water and a little cookie to increase the excitement.

I speak of remote villages but that's actually relative. The correct word is unreachable. If there was a better road to reach such a village then it would not be so remote at all. Then it would be, perhaps, just ten minutes from the main paved road, instead of a multiple of that. In addition to the financial consequences for the government, I say cautiously, the monsoon does not do much good to the small and narrow roads.

A subsequent project was found soon. A teacher pointed us to a community where the parents took the initiative themselves 10 years ago to teach the children. One of the residents offered a corner of his house and the well-trained kindergarten teacher was paid by the government. But the corner is certainly not cheerful, two by three meters for a limited number of children while there is no room for the rest of the children in this village.

The picture speaks volumes, so I do not need to add a word explanation.

So we commence another search for the necessary finances. Around 15,000 euros are needed. I am confident and convinced that this school - the fourth one! - will be ready to show off next year.

The weather conditions in this subtropical part of Nepal - much sun and an invasive wet period - quickly affect the paint of buildings. Therefore, the first school which was built will soon need to be painted.

Thank you for all your involvement and donations. Every amount helps.


Annette M. Donker

Early April, the ANBI information and the financial statement 2016 will be published on the website www.www.nepalsammaan.nl under the buttons çontact'and 'donations'.

Please use the bank information below for spontaneous donations:

IBAN:  NL46  RABO 0147 9418 81 under the name of Stichting Sammaan

Leiden 9-1-2017

Good friends of the foundation Nepal Sammaan,

My sincere regards and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017.

The Janki Project, a kindergarten in the village of Banshkor, 8 km southwest of Taulihawa, center of the district Kapilvastu, southwest Nepal, has been finished. It's the familiar story, toddlers sitting under the trees to follow daily education. Education is not even possible in various weather conditions. Too hot, too cold and too wet are the obstacles to the progress of education.

The cost of construction of this school totaled EUR 15,000.

Thanks to an unrestricted gift, construction could begin in the early summer of 2016 and in the last two weeks of February I go to Nepal to attend the grand opening.

Of course, I will report back about all of this. A good intention for this coming year to try to get together a sum for a fourth local nursery school in a village where the children hope for shelter for their daily lessons. Again, I hope I can count on your support.

Every little bit helps; so any amount is welcome.

Cordial greetings,

Annette M. Donker

Updates of ECD Building

Leiden, 23-06-2016

Good friends and followers of the Nepal Sammaan Foundation,

A summer message: meaning a sunny message. Two months ago, we received the news that the funding came through for the the construction costs for the third ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centre, the Janki kindergarten.

The time has come, construction has started. The pictures show the laying of the foundation, which is accompanied by a religious gathering (a puja, prayer service).

Construction will take several months, depending on the monsoon. If the rains are too intense, then the construction will be delayed. But it is almost certain that the school will be ready for use at the end of the year. I will definitely inform you all again.

In the meantime, thank you for all the contribubtions and support we received.

Kind regards,

Annette Donker

Nepal Sammaan Foundation

Newsletter januari 2016

Dear friends of foundation Nepal Sammaan,

A heartfelt wish for a prosperous 2016

For this coming year the foundation hopes to realize another project, a third ECD (Early Childhood Development) centre.

The Janki project an ECD centre in the village of Banshkor, some 8 km southwest of Taulihawa, the centre town of district Kapilvastu, southwest Nepal.

It is the same story as before, pres-schoolers having their lessons under the trees. Not convenient, so to speak, during some weather circumstances. Too hot, too cold or too wet in the different seasons. Obstacles for continuation of lessons.

A good friend asked me to again emphasize why indeed pre schools are utmost important, as he himself only realized this after several years what ECD meant fort he young ones in Nepal to be able to go to school at a young age.

Other than in western oriented countries, in a development country going to school has besides playing and develop social skills there is another importance.

  • it has been shown that the flow towards 'elementary' education is an importantn effect of pre-school
  • By preventing young children from entering the vicious circle of child labour, they are playfully taught Nepali in addition to the mother tongue. This is very important because elementary education is given in Nepali.
  • also more girls apparently take a spot in the primary school banks after they have attended nursery school.

Another very important reason is that girls in school are not traditionally married off at the age between 8 and 11.

Last year Nepal was hit by a major earthquake as we all could read and see in television broadcasting.

Foundation Nepal Sammaan also contributed, see www.nepalsammaan.nl

What does the foundation intend by building ECD centres?

Whatever the social background might be, all talents should be developed and finally/hopefully the governing of this country will be done by those who have the knowledge and not be governed traditionally according to family background and family capital.

Only then a democracy with real democratic values will prevail.

The expenses of this project will be 15 000, -- euro.

A firm deep foundation will first be laid after that brick walls will be build , painted on the inside and outside, a toilet building and a waterpump for clean drinking water.

The compound will be walled for safety of the children.

A good purpose and hopefully we will be succesfull in finding the funds to realize this third project.

Sincerely Yours

Annette M. Donker

The Nepal Sammaan foundation was established in October 2008. Its goal is to raise funds to support projects in Nepal aimed at eliminating child labor in the immediate vicinity of the projects. The name of the foundation means 'Nepal Respect'.

The founder, Annette Donker, lived for some years in Nepal. She understands - and is best able to judge - the importance of aid, with respect to traditions and social relations.

The availability of pre-school education ECD (Early Childhood Development), prevents young children from ending up in the labor process from which there is little or no escape.

The Foundation Nepal Sammaan focuses on the construction of said kindergartens in the realization that education is the only way to eventually combat child labor and poverty.

Last year, the foundation has, in addition to the monthly donations from loyal benefactors, received a significant contribution from the company 'Symbios, Switzerland', www.symbios.ch and from 'the Remonstrant Brotherhood, section Religion and Society', www.remonstranten.org in addition to a significant donation in 2013, also the commitment for such support for upcoming years.

The Foundation Nepal Sammaan is registered in Leiden at the Chamber of Commerce under No. 27329244.