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Move mountains in the Himalayas. This is obviously not literally possible, but a metaphor with some truth to it. A push in the right direction, that's what we can do. By literally removing the burden from the shoulders and the hands of young children.

By allowing them to develop, both mentally and physically, to become self-conscious people who can influence, in turn, the prospects for their own future and the future of their country.

All support is welcome and well spent. With EUR 5, - per month, we continue to support and maintain a project financially. EUR 5, - = 500 rupees, which is a third of what a poor, rural parent earns under favorable circumstances. A small contribution that can set great things in motion.

For payments from abroad:
Foundation Nepal Sammaan
RABO bank Leiden
IBAN: NL46 RABO 0147 9418 81