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Health Fund

In 2019, the foundation of the RABObank Wensenfonds received an amount of 4000 euros to use for better care for mother and child. Transport to hospital for ultrasounds, shelter and food if necessary. Aftercare for mother and infant, again for transport, research, treatment and information.

In the spring report I stated that thanks to the wish fund from Rabobank Leiden / Katwijk an amount was received to start a 'Health Fund'. The intention is to pay for medical treatments and / or medicines for people who cannot afford it themselves. In the meantime, 4,500 euros (556,465 rupees) have been deposited in the fund and so far three people have been helped from that fund.

The selection of patients who submit a request is as follows:

The local organization with which the Nepal Sammaan foundation cooperates is SSDO, Sunshine Social Development Organization. For more information, see their organizational chart.

Impact Story 1

Only 5000.00 Change life of Sulochani

Sulochani is 3rd grade student of Shri primary school of Buddhabhumi Municipality Ward No.10, Hardashdihawa. She has been living with her material uncle after her father deserted her mother. Her family and even her maternal uncle have been suffering with hardcore poverty. Her uncle somehow managed to send her school for study. Unfortunately, One day She bump with the table and broken her right hand. She left the school. Her uncle faced hardship for her treatment. He tried with many relatives, neighbor and friends to get the money. But no one supported him. She met with Miss Sona and got contact of SSDO and got financial support of NRP5000.00 for treatment. She was treated with money and now she is completely well. She is reading and enjoying with her friends in her school. It proved that a little support can change the life of poor people if support on right time. "I have lost my hope of treatment and getting back to school. My dream of continuing my education fulfilled with the little support of SSDO", said Sulochani. "I was in trouble to see the pathetic situation of Sulochana. But I had nothing to help her. I have tried every nook and corner to get the money for treatment of Sulochani. I am grateful to the donors", said maternal uncle.

Impact Story 2

A small support is big relief for Dalit family

53 years Ramshankar Khati resident of Buddhabhumi municipality ward No, 9, Imiliya has been suffering with Kidney failure. Since he is family head no one is in the family to support him for bread earning. His family depends on him because he uses to work and feed his family daily. His disease added more poverty on his family. Income of his house stopped with his sickness. He took loan from nearby finance organization and spent in his treatment. He could not pay finance company loans so he lost his all farm land. He sold his four room brick house and a tin one for his the treatment. He has knocked doors of many organizations including municipality for support but no one support him.

SSDO supported with NRP 10,000 for his treatment which is not sufficient but a small relief for him.

This small amount is big relief for me and my family, I will be grateful to the organization, said Ramshankar Khatik. The organization gave him the money and advised him to go to Butwal for treatment. Now he uses to dialysis his kidney 3 days in a week. Now his health condition is better than before.

Since dialysis is free in the government hospital he needs transportation and food help in the future too. SSDO is in touch of Ramshankar, Ramshankar has one son studying in grade 9 and one daughter studying in grade 7 in local school. It is hard to manage their stationeries and school fees. He and his family need regular support in the future too.

Figure 1—His old house which is sold for treatment

Figure 2—His new house where he is living with his 4 member family.

Impact Story 3

Five-year-old Ram Kishor Mauryia

On her travels in the villages, volunteer/journalist Sona found five-year-old Ram Kishor living as a greenhouse plant. He was transported to the Kanti Childrens Hospital with the help of the Medical Fund and the diagnosis was made there.

His body does not make enough red blood cells, so he receives a blood transfusion every two months until he is old enough, around the age of sixteen, to undergo a bone marrow transplant, according to the report. His older brother has already signed up as a donor when the time comes. That is a costly intervention and his family will have to start saving now.