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The Nepal Sammaan foundation was established in October 2008 and aims to raise funds for supporting projects in Nepal that are aimed at banning child labor in the immediate vicinity of those projects. The name of the Foundation means 'Nepal Respect'.

The initiator, Annette Donker, lived in Nepal for several years and has sufficiently orientated herself to be able to estimate the importance of help, with respect for traditions and social relationships.

By offering pre-school education ECD (Early Childhood Development), it aims to prevent that young children end up in a labor process from which it is difficult or impossible to escape.

The Nepal Sammaan Foundation focuses on the construction of, among other things, kindergartens, realizing that education is the only way to ultimately combat child labor and poverty:

https://www.unity.nu/Artikelen/leiden/leidse-bouwt-schooltjes-in-nepal [in Dutch]

If you want to stay informed of the developments of the projects and would like to receive our Newsletter, send your details to Annette Donker mail: anna@box.nl